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You gave me a gift of love
Even when my heart was closed off
Now my heart is full with you
And the life i feel is the power of your care
Your beautiful eyes and your lovely smile
Your soft, delicate, tender caring hands
With which you caressed all my sadness away
It all has taught me the beautiful lesson
That the emotional difference
between the darkest hate and deepest love
is nothing more than the lightest weight
of a piece of white paper
I was lost in the darkness of the world
But when all else proved impossible
You found me easily with the light of your love
And now all that I feel, all that I see, all that I am
Is a reflection of your tender love
Thank you for your gift of love
I accept it with all my heart
And I'll always cherish it with all that I am
My heart in turn is yours
My dearest love 


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