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How To hack Ur Torrent Profile Ratio

NPRG Ratio Master Tutorial.(How to Hack Your Torrent Profiles Ratio)

Firstly Download This Small Software

Requirements(for this Software)
NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0

Now How to Work It

Open NRPG Ratio Master

2 Step
Brows And Open your Torrent File

3 Step (Before this step Pleas read Hints)
Select Both Random Value Check Box & Type Your Upload & Download Speed(Im Recommended 100 Upload and 10 - 20 Download Speed for SLT ADSL(512kbps) users)
P/S : This is not your Service Provider Upload And Download Speed.This is Cheating

4 Step
Then Select Your Torrent Client (Torrent Software) and Version

5 Step
Then Click All Ways get new value Check box and Press Start button.(minimize your Software)

6 Step
Run Your Torrent Cliant and Start your Download

Tips (tnx for original User of type this)

I decided to write this small tips to help lots of beginners as I can't found any tips like this on the site. For people who just started using NRPG RatioMaster or other program like NRPG RatioMaster, please don't just hit & go, read some tips from me first if you don't wanna get banned from the trackers.
(I also wrote a tutorial about NRPG RatioMaster, but I'm not posting it yet, just wait for the link)

1. The important #1 you must be aware whenever using NRPG RatioMaster or any program like it is that you cannot have a upload ratio 50GB in just one day. Sooner or later I guarantee you'll get busted. The normal upload size is 7GB per day. Maybe you can have 50GB per day but not on famous trackers with good download selection.

2. You must be wise setting up your upload rate!! Put a reasonable amount there. You certainly can't fool the tracker with an upload rate at 4000 KBps or even with only 800 KBps. The reasonable safest upload rate is between 50 KBps & 250 KBps. Small trackers with total torrent files < 1000 usually put a notice on a user with upload rate > 100 KBps. On the medium trackers you can put your upload rate between 100 KBps & 180 KBps. And on the huge trackers you can put your upload rate between 180 KBps and 250 KBps.

3. Please check the number of seeders & leechers. You can't upload at 150 KBps if there's only 2 seeders & 2 leechers. You'll get busted for doing this. To make simple, only cheat on torrent files that have a lot of seeders & leechers.

4. Also the minimal safest number of seeders is > 5. Watch if the number of seeders has dropped below 5 even worst it's only you left as a seeder, then the other people would wonder why they can't finish and report to the admin.

5. Don't leave NRPG RatioMaster running to long, periodically check it to see if the number of peers has dropped. And try to change the upload rate every several hours to make it like real client. The real client won't seed at 150 KBps (even with an option +- 10 KBps) constantly for 7 hours. Sooner or later the admin will notice and will watch your account.

6. If you wanna set the values for random speeds for the next update please notice that those values are about the same as in the main settings.

7. Try to use similar speed settings every time you do the fake upload/download. Don't change it too much & too often.

8. Seed with torrent file that have size as big as possible and doesn't touch
the other criteria. You can't seed for 10GB with a only 50MB torrent file.

9. If you doing the fake download and start at 0%, make sure you don't have an upload fake for the same torrent file previously. Leave the value raise to 100 % itself, don't interfere with the number.

10. Never touch the update interval. The trackers have different
values on this (the default is 1800 secs) but some dinamically change it after several update. NRPG RatioMaster will automatically detect the right
interval value.

11. Avoid the manual update button. Some trackers will send you a warning, as this is considered as cheating. Only use this if when you start the fake and the program couldn't connect to the tracker.

12. Make sure you use the same port as your real torrent client. That will make you show up as connectable on the trackers. If you change this port several times the admin will notice and put a watch on your action.

13. Fake with the same client and version like your real
client. To make it even safer, put the same peer id & client key as in your real client. I made a tutorial about this, you can read here, it's for OS X but it also applies on Windows using Packetyzer or on the newest NRPG RatioMaster you can parse your peer id & client key directly from your real torrent client (uTorrent & Azureus).

14. The last is please check the Log after you pressed the start button. Please notice if the tracker returns with error reponses. If it happens try to stop the fake process and start it over. If it repeats over and over you can ask for help here.

Hope after you read some tips here you can use NRPG RatioMaster wisely and not get caught. Remember not to be a GREEDY person.


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